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Everyone has a skill, and the Joomla! project would love to discover it! Whether it’s answering a simple question in the forum, helping to design a flyer for a Joomla! conference, translating text from one language to another, teaching CSS, HTML, javascript or PHP, and everything in between; there is a place for everyone.

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The Joomla! project is an all volunteer organisation. That is what sets us apart from other large Open Source projects. By volunteering, you join a large, international and diverse group of passionate individuals, looking to empower people and companies to connect, communicate, and be competitive on the world wide web.

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Extension Team Report

By Extensions Member on 2016-08-11 20:31 in 扩展团队

Duis facilisis, lacus vitae pellentesque tristique, dolor quam malesuada nulla, id aliquet mi magna fermentum neque. Maecenas placerat pulvinar faucibus. Phasellus in risus nec est scelerisque semper. Proin hendrerit id augue in sollicitudin. Mauris sit amet augue vitae erat feugiat ullamcorper. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Nunc elit neque,...

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Report from the Frontend Department meeting July 2016

By Frontend Coordinator on 2016-07-03 12:00 in 前端开发

Suspendisse id bibendum massa, et tempor turpis. Suspendisse rhoncus purus a augue rutrum efficitur. Nullam a vehicula est, a dapibus elit. Etiam arcu orci, mollis id varius in, elementum nec mi. Etiam scelerisque elit sed urna accumsan egestas. Donec rutrum lorem sit amet tincidunt pretium. Nam varius a ligula eget accumsan. Nam tincidunt ipsum felis, in porta nisi viverra...

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Report from the Backend Department meeting July 2016

By Extensions Assistant on 2016-07-01 12:00 in 后台开发

Nullam enim est, accumsan quis lorem id, aliquet venenatis neque. Vestibulum fringilla libero eu tellus ultrices pulvinar. Proin pharetra rutrum lectus, quis faucibus neque dictum nec. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean ornare sodales lacus ut venenatis. Nam viverra elit sit amet velit molestie auctor. Nam ante lorem, varius eu nisl at, lobortis...

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  • Frontend Leader

    Frontend Leader

    New-York, United States

  • Praesent est orci, maximus et nibh id, luctus pharetra nulla. Nulla consectetur dui neque, in lobortis tortor accumsan tincidunt. Donec dignissim turpis arcu. Quisque velit mi, porta eget felis ut, tincidunt porttitor mauris. Quisque ac libero nunc. Etiam nec sem hendrerit, semper leo eget, ultricies orci. Curabitur lobortis, diam et mollis laoreet, nibh augue facilisis lacus, eu aliquet massa magna eu lacus. Curabitur in congue dui, nec fringilla nulla. Vestibulum nulla ipsum, suscipit non...

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